#ZANZIBAR: Going Bananas.

Thank the heavens for whoever invented the go-pro camera! Few are the times you get to capture moments that seemed impossible. We rose quite early on this day and headed to Kendwa Beach in Zanzibar to kick off our vacay with some activities we had booked in with ZP Ocean Sports. The sandy beaches at Kendwa are as white as white can get! Damn, you can barely look at the sand without shades on! It was pretty hot and humid as well but that didn’t matter cause everyone was having so much fun.

IMAG1288We had listed a couple of activities we wanted to do if the storm kept at bay, like Parasailing, Kite Surfing, Hookah, Scuba Diving, Sunset Sailing and Banana Boat Riding which I’m featuring here and also happened to be one of the most adventurous things I had done in a while. The storms were quite crazy on this day but the guide had told us that it was all good to go and there was nothing to worry about; so being with a group of ladies who are adrenaline junkies, we were literally ready for anything. Gotta love them! We were given our gear to wear and everything was fastened. We then headed to the ocean and took our positions on the banana boat which was quite comfortable actually. Of course before we took off, we had to take a few pics so I handed the camera to one of the instructors who took a few shots then off we went! And by the way, the boat is usually hooked onto a jet ski then the skier will ride the ski into the ocean.DSC07178Linda always gets the briefs right, you just need to send her a few reference pics prior. πŸ˜€DSC07179Trust my friend Linda with her go-pro! Taking these pictures was no easy task but it had to be done. It’s amazing to see how the waves were captured in the shots we took, reminding me how rad the boat ride was and not to forget how the waves decided to give us a bitch slap on our faces. You should have seen how excited we were when the boat was bobbing in the ocean until we literally fell off and started screaming! ha-ha! I remember the first thing I did was call out Amy’s name, my sister, and asked her if she was okay. You should have seen the terror on our faces at this point; I knew it was me and the sharks, fighting for my dear life! Then we remembered, we had life jackets on, silly! I had never experienced waves that were this rough and I think the scariest part was when they would sort of push you further away from the boat and the jet ski. Oh My! (Hoping my mum is not reading this; she is terrified of the ocean, waves and anything that comes with it)vlcsnap-2016-01-03-21h17m46s175-01Pouting for who?! The next sec, we were off the boat! (Sorry that wasn’t captured πŸ™ )vlcsnap-2016-01-03-21h17m00s237-01You could hear the skier trying to calm us down, “Hamwezi zama, mna life jackets” meaning “You can’t drown, you’re wearing life jackets.” Trust me, no one was buying that at the time. We had fallen off the freakin’ boat, we were scared that we were going to drown and now to add onto that fact, the water was very salty and we could barely see anything. One by one, we got onto the jet ski and jumped back on the boat and then we took off, not back to the shore, but continued with the journey and boy! Heard of the famous pin drop silence?vlcsnap-2016-01-03-21h28m54s202-01At this point, no one was talking. We were trying to absorb all the shock and contemplating what would have happened if a school of sharks decided to attack us or those weird sea animals came onto us. Let’s not even go there. The fun yells and screams were not being heard anymore. Everyone had held onto the boat so tight until the worst of waves came at us…Luckily, this time round, we were ready and expected to fall off thus it was not as dramatic as the first time, but still, the waves!! My friend!vlcsnap-2016-01-03-21h05m46s142-01We later sailed back to the shore and met some of the instructors waiting for us. They wondered why it had taken us so long to get back and we explained that the waves were a bit insane, we fell into the ocean, the skier had to balance between getting us back onto the boats and at the same time dealing with our paranoia. I mean four ladies, don’t joke. But I still believe I was the brave one. Lol!

Would I do the banana boat ride again? Hell freakin’ YES! The thrill is usually in falling off boats, and being bobbed around by waves, so yes, I would do it again, with the same group of ladies. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do most of the activities cause the waves were on another level but all in all Zanzibar had a lot to offer from rich culture, beautiful sandy beaches, magical sunsets, affordable luxury, sumptuous sea food and so much more.ZNZ IMAG1313 IMG_20151230_181727

PS: The night life in Zanzibar is a little bit toned down I guess it’s cause of it’s Swahili and Islamic influences, but correct me if I’m wrong. However,Β  you can always go to Dar Es Salaam for fun night out. It takes about 2-3 hours to get to Dar by ferry from Zanzibar and about 15-20mins only by air!

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Photography by Linda Matama

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  1. daaaamn that’s one hell of a read……I was laughing my ass off at work…who makes somebody do that….its like in was with you guys…keep up with the good work former classmate.

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