Howdy howdy! Isn’t it crazy that the year is almost coming to a close? I still can’t wrap my head around this fact cause that year has flown whaaatttt. It’s just the other day we we’re sending new year messages and making resolutions and setting our goals for 2017. Damn! Amazing things have happened this year I must say but also came a few challenges like loosing a loved one and experiencing the most craziest ridiculous encounters EVER. But that’s what life is about. It can’t always be perfect. Actually it’ll never be perfect. Sigh!

First things first, my skin has really come a long way. If you go to my very first blog pots, you’ll realize that on some of the pictures, I had quite some intense breakouts. I’m really trying my very best to work on a post that will highlight some of the things I did to clear my acne.

In other news, I rarely find jeans that run through to the ankle here in Kenya and if I do, It’s mostly Levi and  gurrrllll, let’s be real, I’m definitely not going to spend close to 10,000ksh on ONE pair of jeans when I can get two pairs of good quality and a jumpsuit for the same amount and probably still get a coupon of like 30% off.  Anyway, I can’t really remember how I came across Fashionova but it must have been those nights when I had no sleep and all I could do was just “window shop online”. Typical Joy. I love to browse  from site to site not only to purchase, but also gather inspiration. 🙂


Fashionova jeans are bae. Yes. They are everything and I’m happy to say they are also quite affordable and at least for this one’s they run through till the ankle. They are also quite generous with coupons! You’ll get a coupon of 70%, 30% and imagine how much money you save here? I also remember the first time I shopped at fashionova, my order came with a “Thank-You”coupon which was like 10% off for my next order. I live for this kind of perks guys 🙂  I’m always looking at saving up some coins in the process of spending. PS: I was already darn tired when shooting this look so half the time I was seated. Lol

So, yes. The fuss about fashionova jeans is true. They are amazing, curve hugging, have a great stretch and the denim fabric is amaze-balls. They are also very stylish and easy to style. Since the jeans I wore here was a lighter color blue, I decided to pair with my cute tank-aztec top, which I’ve featured here before and completed the look with a white blazer also featured before and my nude pumps which I hadn’t worn in a while and of course completed with a very minimal face beat and purple lippie! Yass! Pairing up bright colors added vibrancy and life to the whole outfit.

So, yah. Now you know why I’m so obsessed with Fashionova. I inducted my cousin the other day and she actually purchased a jumpsuit that she really loves and I think at this rate, Fashionova need to start paying your girl here. Lol! 😀

Thanks for reading! XO! 🙂

Outfit details

Aztec Top & Pumps MRP Fashion

Lippie From Huddah Cosmetics in the shade ROYALTY

Glam Nzilani kimani

Neck-piece & Earrings Zuda Artz

Jeans Fashionova

Blazer (white is out of stock) Naked Wardrobe

Photography OJ

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