Howdy! How have you been? Well, the last week has not been the best since the year started. It was probably one of my worst weeks ever. If you’ve been keen on my instagram or Facebook page, you are probably aware that I lost one of my friends. The news hit me pretty hard and I/We all couldn’t believe it. Good thing is, slowly by slowly I’m beginning to come to terms with it.

I’m actually thinking to myself, Why didn’t I write this article before? It’s amazing how writing can be a relief when I’m under stress or pressure. Basically, doing something that you are passionate about and that makes you happy can actually be the way to get your mind off stress. You know, when I started blogging not too long ago, 8 months or so, every-time I’d plan a photo-shoot, we’d meet with four of my friends in town that including my photographer and we’d spend an entire Sunday morning shooting and chatting and to realize that one of us has gone to be with the Lord, it’s really, really hard. Where do we begin adjusting? Urgh…



Tash’s passing was not only super painful but it definitely has taught me a thing or two. One of the learnings was the importance of valuing friendships. The number of people who came through to support the family during the difficult time was so tremendous. The love that was shown, the amazing and lovely things that people said about him clearly showed how good of a friend, colleague and brother he was to many. I also learnt the importance of following your dreams and passions even if only 1 person in this world is the one who believes in you. It has also taught me the act of GO AHEAD AND DO IT; Many are the times we make so many plans to no fruition cause we think we “have” time. Do it now when you can.  Another thing it taught me was to always to remain humble, respectful and happy. I mean, from all the amazing things that we’re said about him, there is definitely a lot to put into perspective and work towards living and amazing life all rounded like he did.


It was definitely a sad ending but we trust in God to give us and the family the strength to get through this. When I lost my sister, I couldn’t understand when people said “It’s going to be okay” How was it possibly going to be fine? We schooled together, we ate together, went for outings together, wrote letters to one another all the time when I went to high school, we literally did everything together. How was I going to be okay?  How!? Here is the truth, the first year is usually pretty rough cause you are going through all this adjustments. You are denial most of the times and it’s totally normal. It’s usually a culture shock sort of phase especially if you spent pretty much all the time together. You will feel alone sometimes. You will want to avoid places that remind you of them. It’s totally normal. After the first year, you start to feel a sign of acceptance that they are gone. It starts to become manageable. You actually now want to go to places you both loved. This worked for me a lot. I would read the letters she sent me and all the advise she would give me and work around it cause she wanted the best for me always. That made me smile and I felt at peace.


However, the pain is still there, but not as bad as the first year.  You just have a few moments when you are down. Not too extreme. Makes sense? It’s been 5 years  6 months since my sisters passing and sometimes I have those days I literally want to jump off the roof but when I remember how far I have come through the years, I sit back, relax, say a silent prayer, and boom, I’m Okay! The secret? Prayer. Prayer was, has and will always be the key to help you get past the difficult times. I hope this makes a difference if you are going through a rough patch. It’s going to be fine. Trust me.

Have a blessed week y’all and thanks for reading! 🙂

Music credits: Alan Walker-Faded  My favorite one yet! 🙂

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  1. Tash was among the people i met for the first time and liked instantly, i remember that day when we arguing if its either ‘palakacha or pull up the tune. RIP.

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