Howdy you! I hope you are keeping warm as much as the weather has decided to be so indecisive and unpredictable ?.  Today is all about my love for textured pieces and how I’m curbing the cold weather especially since panty-hoses are not in the equation.

Textures have been quite my thing lately and one of the top features I look for when I’m shopping around for pretty much any outfit. Here’s the catch, textured clothes define your body and make you appear curvier, mainly because of the heavy and thick lining.


The weather hasn’t been in its best behavior lately and wearing jeans a whole week consecutively is not my usual thing at all.  I’ve tried to buy into the idea of wearing a panty hose, but no, I can’t. I just don’t like them. Reason? No idea… lol! However, I ensure that at least every morning when I’m getting ready for work I take a glass or two of hot/very warm water which really helps to warm up my body.

You know how sometimes ironing outfits can be a hell of a task? Boom! Thank God for textured clothes you don’t need to iron all the time! Yes, this is the best news ever! But don’t get too excited, this only works for certain ensembles. When it comes to materials like blouses as seen below and corduroy, you most likely won’t get away with it probably because they are the hardest to iron. Oh well…


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What I wore:

Jungle Green Textured Skirt: Mrp Fashion (Online)

Mustard Blouse: Mrp Fashion ( Garden City Mall)

Pumps: Instyle Shoes, Kenya.

Glam: Make Up by Nzilani

Photography: O.J

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  1. Way to go Ruffie woot! woot! you just made me believe in textured clothes again. I can see greatness coming out of this blog posts. Begins with a simple step.

  2. Great article Joy. This blog is just over the top.. I was ish ish about the mustard top bt after seeing this pics n how good u look in it.. am in love. ….

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