Howdy-howdy! This is another series of my #TembeaKenya posts that I’m super excited to be sharing with you guys. Let me start by saying that Kenya is amazingly beautiful guys and I probably had one of the best weekends. It’s been a while since I went out of town and let loose a little bit. Sometimes Nairobi can be so crazy and you almost get lost in all the pressure and forget to live a little.

My friends and I decided to take a break for the weekend and explore what I’d call a slice of heaven which is The Shaza. We first learnt about The Shaza on airbnb when we we’re looking for an apartment we’d stay in for the weekend and oh boy weren’t we sold!! The Shaza is located in Shanzu and this are apartments that have been purchased by individuals who then choose to rent them out on airbnb for local and international travelers. They Arabian themed and are extremely stunning, gorgeous and so beautiful. Its also located close to the beach though the beach here is pure coral no sand and the views from our rooms, the pool area and restaurant was just breathtaking!

The rooms are also quite spacious and cosy. I sure did borrow a lot of house decor inspiration now that I’m looking for a new place to move into and I think I just found my color scheme. I’m obsessed with grey(s) or let me say neutral tones. They make a room so homey and warm and that’s how it felt while at The Shaza.

It’s also the perfect definition of “home away from home” because with airbnb you can get your own drinks to the apartment, have a chill in the Jacuzzi (oh yes, our room had a Jacuzzi 😛 ), buy food and cook but I will be honest, we never cooked during our stay here. Sometimes I feel if you are getting away, you are getting away to pamper yourself and lazy around before you get back to the hustle and bustle of the city. Mamamia!

Now lets talk money. How much did we pay? You’ll be surprised by how affordable the stay here was. We paid around $429 for a group of four for two nights making that like 11,000ksh per person. However, this would have been cheaper if we we’re six of us because our apartment was a 3 bedroom which houses a maximum of six people meaning you get to split $429 among six guys making it roughly 7,500ksh for the two nights! It’s safe to say that local tourism is beginning to take shape and is becoming quite affordable as we go by. This makes me ecstatic cause I get to see Magical Kenya more! Yaass!

Now save up some money, pack your bags and travel. See Kenya!

Thanks for reading. XO!

Location: The Shaza

Photography: By yours truly.

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