#TembeaKenya: Kitengela, Ostrich Farm.

Don’t let the picture lie to you, I was so freaked out!! Anyway, traveling out of Nairobi over the weekend always happens to be a good plan for me especially with all the pressure from work which has progressed to another level lately. Sigh! I’d take a road trip any-day to clear my head a bit, breathe fresh air and obviously get away from Nairobi’s traffic!! There is nothing as relieving as being  on a no traffic zone.

I’ve been really open about travelling and doing fun-filled activities so long as it’s safe and reasonably affordable. That said, riding an Ostrich was farrrrr off in my bucket-list.  This was something that had NEVER crossed my mind. A little adrenaline gets me excited though. The Maasai Ostrich farm is far off in Kitengela. The trip gets adventurous when you start seeing Zebras, gazelles and cows grazing together on your way.

The hospitality of the crew members at the farm is top notch and their food is to drool for. Sadly, I didn’t get to taste Ostrich meat. I’m certainly not that girl who would go out and try new food anymore; this was after a not so good experience with crocodile meat and girrrlllllllll (In Tamar Braxton’s voice), it was a whole week of pandemonium in my stomach!

In summary, I think it’s quite the plan when you want to get a way and experience nature over the weekend, BUT, I’d definitely recommend a 4X4 on this trip! Let’s not even talk about how the car got wrecked…the roaaaadsssssss!!!!

Highlight of the trip? The GPS lady…

We had never been to the Ostrich farm before so undoubtedly we we’re going to use google maps to get the location only for the “google lady” to mislead us not once, nor twice but 3 times! Endless dead-ends my friend! Damn! Thank you google.

Thanks for reading!

Capture-2 Capture-1 Ostrich Farm 1  Capture-8Capture-7

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