Happy FriYAY! Yasss, first post of 2018 is finally here. Hooorrayyy! Well, obviously I’ve been away for a while, nearly 2+ months now. It’s been a rough couple of  months from being quite “unwell”, losing a total of 8kgs (noooooooo) and basically felt like I’d lost touch with the world and with myself. I have since added 33ograms though, Lol! I honestly felt like I was just existing but not in the body I’m used to normally. But I’m glad to be finally back on my feet and finally feeling normal again! It gives me so much relief. Let’s get into in now; Taking stock.
Over and above everything else, I must say I’m glad 2017 came and went cause boy, wasn’t that year a roller-coaster? I won’t get into the details as much but I’m just glad it’s over. I’m excited for this year due to a couple of reasons. A lot of change, good change,  is bound to happen and I can’t wait to see where that takes me. If only I could see the future. Sigh.  I’m also excited to explore a little bit more of Kenya this year if my bank account allows, Lmao!  Also, taking time to appreciate my friends is also top of my list this year. I realized, sadly, that  I invested so much into people who weren’t worth it for so long but we won’t dwell on that so much. We are here now. New year. Same focus just added a little boost to it and tagging along the right people with me.

What else? Makeup, makeup and more makeup. This year I’m all geared up to trying new brands and top of my list being Fenty beauty. Gurlllll have you seen their lippies? I’ve read and seen enough buzz on Fenty beauty and thanks to box.co.ke I can make my orders on sephora. Yasss!!  This means my make-up tools this year have to be on point (currently obsessed with  BH Cosmetics)  and not also forget the need to improve on my makeup skills. I definitely want to expand on my content and also highlight some of my favorites when it comes to make-up, I rarely touch on this.  Oh wait, I’ve also read a lot on Sephora Foundations. I think its time to try this out.

How about Investing in my dreams? It’s good to be employed and acquire the necessary skill sets, build confidence, network and get the money while at it but at the same time it’s very important that you invest in your goals and dreams too. Set aside time to focus on your hobbies, talents or businesses. One of my greatest lessons for 2017 is where I let the pressure of work get to me to an extent I couldn’t strategically think on the next step I want to take my start-ups. Remember having something on the side that makes you really happy and whole automatically gives you the energy and drive to do so many amazing things. It motivates you and it makes you happy and energetic.  You’re in-charge of your own destiny and don’t depend on anyone to be your cheerleader. Be your own cheerleader.

Love? Well, I love to keep this part of my life as private as possible for apparent reasons especially if it’s personal. However, it’s to safe to say that I’m at a very amazing stage with love right now. Not only have I learnt to love myself unconditionally, I’ve also learnt to embrace and accept love. Makes sense? I’ve learnt to let my guard down by being more positive about a situation and allowed people to show me love and by people I mean friends, family and my partner. It just feels super amazing. I can barely put it in words.

I’m also quite obsessed with this jumpsuit I got from fashionova. I mean, guurlllllllll!! Don’t you just love it. I’m going for more comfy options this year and trying out new things as I experience very major changes with my body. I also loved the fact that it blended in well with my house which I decided to shoot in before I can move houses which will be pretty chaotic and might take a while before I can settle down fully. All the same, I’m pretty excited about this new chapter of my life but also really nervous sometimes. Sigh!

Also, have I mentioned I’m going to be an auntie very soon? Omg! I’m so excited. It’s crazy how when my sister calls or the hubby calls and I’m like “Oh my goodness baby girl is here”. There are times I’ve even lacked sleep thinking my sis has gone into labour . Will I wake up to the news of, she’s finally here? I’m just super excited to meet her and I can’t wait to see her, hold her, buy her gifts and have a baby too so that they can be best-friends. I mean. Like my sis puts it, they don’t have a choice but to be best friends. 😀 It’s going to be an amazing year! Yup!

I’m also taking time this year to put more focus 0n my body, my health, my peace of mind and most importantly my relationship with God. It’s sad when we sometimes we “remember” God when we are going through tough times but when everything is in order we tend to put our relationship with Him aside. Difficulty has a way of making us aware on our dependence on God. In these moments when He is all we have, hopefully we can realize that He is all we need.

I hope you guys enjoyed the read, see you in  a few days!  Love&Light!


Jumpsuit (Out of Stock): Fashionova

Coffee Mug: MRP Home, Yaya Center.

Earrings & Ring: Zuda artz (All brass) 

Hair styled by Jackie:  Beauty By Dee China Center, Ngong Road.

Photography: Veejay

Makeup: Make Over By John (Veejay)

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