Hey yáll! Happy Friday! I finally got my hands on Fenty beauty’s stunna lip paint! I mean, It’s never too late. I decided to try stunna cause 1) You can never have enough lipsticks; 2) It’s been a minute since I got my hands on some new lippie and I wasn’t settling on anything less; 3) Lippies make me happy and bring joy to my life; 4) Everybody is trying it out and it looks so good on every skin tone! and 5) I love me some  badgalriri! She’s amazing! C’mmon. I’d probably buy into everything she says, buys, sells, makes, name it… literally. 😉

First of all, I love the packaging. It’s insane! I love that it almost looks like nail paint but it really is lipstick. It’s super light to wear and will rarely make you feel uncomfortable or make your lips cracky. Just be sure to moisturise your lips before wearing it. This goes for any matte lippie anyway to ensure your lips don’t dry off. The shade is just one of a kind. I had my colleague try it once and it seemed more “orangey” on her but when I wear it it’s more of red than orange. Works like magic.

Secondly, I have to let you know that this lippie is super  transferable. One minute it’s on your chin next it’s on your forehead and all over your face and what does that mean? You literally have to re-do your make-up. Well, first time applying it was a mess and I’d say it’s cause of the applicator which is normally squiltted unlike what I’m used to. But I can now say I’m a pro and I can finally apply with little or no mess. Also, I’d love to see other colors of this version released. Like a purple or hot pink. Wonder how that would look like in that packaging. 😀

Third, affordability. It’s quite affordable. It goes for about $24 ( I actually thought it was on sale but it wasn’t) on sephora. I consider this very affordable mainly because it’s a celebrity makeup line. Have you seen those lippies that go for nearly $50 but all seem like it’s the same shade?(I don’t mean to be shady, but, well….) I expected stunna to sell for like $40 considering it’s Rihanna only for  me to find out it was $24 which is 2,400KSH  which also beats the price of Nouba here in Kenya, which by the way, is also one of my favorite matte lippie brands and I will be featuring some of the shades I’ve recently gotten to try out for the first time and I really loved.

Lastly, I just wrote this article in under 5 minutes. Not sure what’s happening to my creative juices of late or maybe I’ve just become a last minute person which is so unusual of me. Well, I’m really looking forward to this weekend and I’m so so glad and ecstatic that last weekend came and went cause oh boy! What an easter weekend that was but visiting my mum with my bestie was quite the therapy…And a Tusker Cider came in handy as well for the first 2 mins until I started throwing up everywhere. Yikes! 😀

Thanks for reading guys! Let me know what lipsticks you’d want me to review here and I’ll be happy to do it. Xo! 🙂 🙂


Makeup & Photography by:  John Kuria

Off Shoulder dress: Vivo Activewear

Lippie: Stunna Lip paint from Fenty Beauty.

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