Streets In Aztec.

The weather in Nairobi though! One day its sunny then the other is literally 10-degrees. In this weather, shooting for the blog has become quite a challenge. I’m always crossing fingers that it doesn’t rain , we can work with the gloomy weather at least but we gotta do what we gotta do! :

I love Aztec prints, no lie. They add oomph to any outfit and sort of make you look extra curvier. I paired my vest with  my favorite pair of white jeans which are subtly ripped and threw over my sling bag (I’m not a sling bag kind of person by the way) and called it a day! This outfit is perfect for a Friday or weekend ensemble and you’d probably want to throw over a denim jacket or a leather jacket to go with it, especially in this weather.

Cons of this outfit? It’s crazy how I get all OCD when I’m wearing white. I’m constantly watching my every move and making sure nothing spills on my jeans.

Thanks for reading & keep hella warm!! 🙂


What I Wore

Outfit & Sandals from Mrp Fashion

Ring from Woolworths, The Junction Mall

Sling bag from StreetWear Fashion Ke

Photography by O.J

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