Anyone else over this Nairobi heat like I am? Sigh!  It’s way too hot for my liking. Gosh! I think for the longest time, it’s evident that I’ve been obsessed with fashionnova and it doesn’t go a time where I don’t feature their items this only shows how amazing their outfits are.   And not only I’m I in love with their jeans but also jumpsuits. I featured one of their jumpsuits here which is an all time favorite and I can’t wait to get my hands and body on some more. Be sure to check them out. Also, how cute is this crop top I got from MRP Fashion? I bought it ages ago when I was traveling to Greece. Speaking of traveling, how long has it been though? I miss being above the the clouds and exploring different places culture, food. It feels like it’s been a lifetime. I’m looking forward to this trip we’ve planning with my girls which we or rather, I have kept pushing for months now and it think it’s about time I went outta Nairobi to cool off and take a breather for a second.

I’ve been reflecting for the last couple of days. This year has so far definitely been one of those where I’ve come to learn a lot about myself and what I want for myself. More than ever I’m determined and I feel insanely motivated by life to push even harder. Also I’ve realized that as days go by I really don’t have the patience for things that don’t add value. I’ve become overly protective of the people I love, my family included. I really don’t entertain any sort of negativity this days. It’s too much for the soul to be honest.  Deep down, I’m also really looking forward wrapping up this year. I’m excited for the coming Christmas holidays and new years way more than ever. PS: I’m definitely getting a Christmas tree this time round. I’m really looking forward to eating all the food I want , running around, etc. I was so sick the last holidays, I barely enjoyed. Barely went anywhere. It was just awful so excuse me if I’m getting too excited a little too early. 😏

My niece is also growing really fast man! She’s a totally different person every time I get to see her and also quite heavy. Lol! She is also beginning to look more like her mom which has been pretty much her prayer 😀 It’s not  a joke when they say babies bring so much joy in your life cause I can’t even begin to explain how happy this little one makes me when I see her. And also the cute little noises she’ll make when she’s awake, oh my, cuteness overload I tell you.  I can only imagine how I will probably feel when I have my own. 😀

Also, one of my most recent buy’s is this gorgeous Kente fabric I got from my colleague and I can’t wait for House of Fatasha to do their magic as usual and obviously showcase the pieces here. I’m obsessed with custom made stuff really obsessed!!!!! It’s always a cheaper option as opposed to buying ready made and you can always add a twist to it the way you like it. Custom making also gives you the room to bring your pinterest boards to life. This applies to everything, clothes, decor, furniture, etcetera. Try it out and  you’ll thank me later.

I get queries too in regards to my hair. Well, as much as I’d want to brag and lie that this is my real hair, truth is, it isn’t. Sad. Considering the fact that I’m not  a huge fan of full head weaves, I’ve always opted to track and sew instead and have at least 80% of my real hair in the open and just add a few extensions. I use Virgin Gold Peruvian by sleek. The reason I love this hair is because it’s washable, treatable and can be styled differently. It also sheds but minimally so long us you maintain it properly. It’s like real hair basically. I mean it’s human hair. I also save quite a lot cause I get to wear it again and again but only after it’s properly washed, conditioned and treated. Basically, treat it like how you’d treat your hair on normal day. 🙂 PS: I keep my scalp relaxed by oftenly doing a spirit wash. It keeps the dandruff and dampness away.

In addition to all, I get a lot of queries on how I buy my stuff from abroad especially fashionova. Here’s the thing. I do not use posta kenya for obvious reasons like their charges and packages getting lost. I’ve had experiences where I got stuff from abroad and never received them because they got mishandled at the kenya post office of sometimes they may just decide to inflate their taxes. Talk of greed. Sigh! So thanks to box.co.ke I shop hustle free and I get my items intact. They are also very affordable and efficient with their services. You may want to note that, during holidays like Easter, Christmas, New year’s, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, things tend to be quite cheap cause of the discounts and all, meaning a lot of orders going through thus leading to the delay of receiving your item. 🙂 But patience pays.

That’s it for now guys. Thanks for reading! Xo! 🙂 

Outfit details:
Denim: Fashionova
Crop top: MRP Fashion
Photography by: Veejay Studios

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