I’ve ditched them heels, body con dresses and gowns for a minute until this weather decides to behave. 🙁  One day is hot one day it’s cold. This is basically how I’ve been dressing  up the last couple of months given how the weather has been so brutal on us. I’ve never been a fan of casual wear but I think the cold weather has made me appreciate cool hoodies, sneakers and denim even more.  Half the time I’ve been showing up at the office dressed like an eskimo with NO makeup on. My!

This hoodie was one of those Items I bought at impulse. Being the shopperholic I am, this year I’ve really improved on my shopping habits (at least I think) and rarely do I shop for anything unless I really-really need it and considering how cold it’s been, well I needed me a hoodie. I had just arrived in town for a coffee date when I happened to see this cute hoodie on a display in a stall just opposite the Jivanjee gardens and I was like, hmm let me check this guys out.

They have quite a variety of items both male and female and what’s even better is the fact that they have the most competitive prices. I bought two hoodies at a whooping 3000ksh instead of 1 for 2000ksh. Y’all know I love to save some coins. Not only are they just cute hoodies but are quite stylish too. They can literally be paired with any color of jeans and the inner fabric is also very very warm and comfy. And I’m I loving this outfit? Oh yahh…Been actually feeling this type of casual wear lately.

I’m not a fan of hoodies or jackets that have a silk lining or cotton most of the times I’d prefer woolen inner material instead for ample warmth and comfort. Yes, comfort. If I wear anything that has has silk lining, you’ll normally find me in long sleeved tops. I’m also quite obsessed with this pair of snickers I got from the UK they we’re pretty uncomfortable at first when I tried them on but with time they’ve become so comfy! I particularly loved the embroidery on them.

On another note, thank you guys for the love you showed on last week’s post. Glad to have inspired a bunch of you guys. The other day I was reading through my old blog posts and I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how much I’ve grown in all aspects. Let’s toast to that!

Thanks for reading. XO! Love&Light! 🙂 

Outfit Details:

Grey Hoodie – Cotton Roots Fashions, 0710-694-284/0713-433-808 Opp. Jinvanjee Gardens.

Make-up by Nzilani Kimani

Photography by OJ

Sneakers Nine by Savanna Miller

Jeans from Fashionova

Navy Blue bodysuit from Vivo Activewear

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