Look whose back! I’m finally back home from my vacay and I’m so excited to be sharing with you all the amazing experiences through the pictures and videos I took while I was away. I have a lot to share with you guys and I hope at the end of it all you get inspired to work even harder and reward yourself with a little bit of travel.

I took this beautiful pictures in picturesque Greece, Santorini which literally was the highlight of my trip given the fact that I had always wanted to visit Greece from way back. I honestly can’t even begin to explain how amazed I was and still I’m by this beautiful place. From the people, to the food (minus cheese) the towns, sunsets, hotel room etc. Everything was/is just goals! I want to go back and stay there forever…….oh my


I’m collating all the pictures and videos at the moment, therefore, allow me to share more on my vacay in my next posts which will be all about Greece and Turkey plus all the things we got to do.

Meanwhile, you can watch this video I uploaded on my YouTube Channel of Hagia Sophia and Ahmet Fountain in Turkey, Istanbul and while at it, please subscribe to my channel. 🙂


My duster coat also came in pretty handy not only here but pretty much the entire time. It’s just so versatile! Funny enough I hadn’t planned to take this pics until I saw the blue door and quickly ran to take a snap. The whole white, blue and blush pink combination obviously brought some life here and of course Santorini’s architecture. 🙂

img-20160920-wa0037 img-20160920-wa0032

Thanks for reading guys! Happy Thursday! 🙂

What I wore:

Pink Duster Coat from Siri Studio.

White Denim & sandals from Mrp Fashion.

Location: Santorini Imerovigli, Greece.

Snapped by: When In Roam Ke

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