It’s very scary to imagine that God trusted me with raising a whole human being. Did you know that half the time it’s practically guess work?  There’s no manual to raising these little humans.  In between sore breasts, cries that drive me nuts and nipple grabs that have me screaming all over the house, I’ve finally managed to spare some time aside and share what was my go to maternity style/wear while preggers and do some catching up on our lives with a month old litu human. PS: I’ve been postponing this blog post for a while now since I’ve been trying to catch some sleep when baby is asleep but today, we’re doing this! Also, I felt I needed the break. Being in the house full time can drive you insane. I remember telling my very good ol’ fried Carey before I had baby that  I’ll stay in the house for three months, why would I want to leave anyway. Last week on Friday, I literally called her and took back those words. Lmao!  Mama loves her baby but needs a break too!

I pretty much repurposed my wardrobe throughout my entire pregnancy. I was lucky enough to wear jeans up to month 4, I wasn’t showing at all until  late month 5 early month 6. When I shot this blog post, Ace was 4 months in so I got to really utilise my denim. Later on I transitioned to wearing my bodycon dresses. Thanks to Vivo! I’d pair most of my dresses with a blazer or this cape jacket/blazer as seen here to add a little umph to the whole look. I felt there wasn’t a need to really go ham and shop for maternity wear unless i really needed something different especially for events. I haven’t really tried any of these outfits since I had Ace. The denims still fit and actually hug me tighter, thanks to baby weight but as for the dresses I’m yet to find out if the majority are still wearable because the baby bump and fabric stretching can be bitter sweet🤔. Since I had baby, my body hasn’t changed that much from previous. I’ve obviously become slightly thicker, I want to believe that. I actually really feel so good in the body I am in at the moment. I’ve always wanted to be a little curvy and who would have thought that having baby was the solution. Hah!

Also, don’t let the pictures fool you, no I didn’t wear heels during pregnancy. This right here was just a by the way but half the time during my pregnancy, you’d spot me in converse, ngomas or sandals. Trying to strike a balance was in itself a challenge in these pictures, so I don’t even know whether I’d have managed if I’d tried to wear heels.

Quick update of our lives, we are one month fourteen days old today!! All glory to God! Baby ♠ is becoming more aware of his environment every single day and mama trying to catch some sleep as well. He giggles a lot when breastfeeding and has this stares every time you hold him at a direct angle or when a stranger holds him. I honestly want him to be around people as much to avoid being too clingy to mama (if that works🤦🏽). Also he tends to be very fascinated with anything that has color thus the need to get some colorful toys for him that he can stare at. Nothing too complex. But wait, what’s not too complex for a one month old? He however hates taking baths, I almost, well I can’t handle how he screams. I’ve moved bath time from 8pm to 5pm and he seems to be liking 5pm baths, but who knows, with these litu humans, anything is bound to change just when you thought you’ve figured it out. Also, can we talk about how they will pee or poop during diaper changes! This actaully happened yesterday after I  bathed him, he peed in between his massage! But I love this litu toto so much! I’ve previously had pee go right into my cup of uji, don’t ask how and poop all over the bed sheet. This always happens when I decide not to use a changing mat and when I’m dead sleepy and when my joints can’t function basically so pretty much everything is usually such a mess.

Also, I’m not certain when I’ll do a birth and delivery post but I will definitely work on one addressing FAQs like;  How “painful” was it? How long did I labor? Any tears? How was the stitching (TMI)?😲 How’s the healing after? I’ll try to cover as much and try not to filter anything.
PS: My little late sister would be celebrating her 21st today. It really breaks my heart that she isn’t here with us to meet her niece and nephew, to travel with us and shop for all this cool fun outfits and play around with make-up. Life took it’s turn so what to do? Embrace it and soldier on and say a little prayer every now and then.
Thanks for reading! Love and light! 🙂


Cape Jacket: Mambo Pambo.

Bodycon Dress: Vivo Activewear

Glam & photography: Make-over by John Kuria

Heels: Call It Spring

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