The other day I was having a very raw and honest conversation with one of my friends. I was telling her how I have come to realize that I hold a very high expectation of people in my life, almost as though people ‘owe’ me. I imagine that since I have been there for them, then they should be there for me. Or since I have invested in a friendship or a relationship then it ought to last for ever. But the harsh reality that has finally dawned on me is that I am entitled to nothing.

If you’re anything like me then you have found yourself one too many times struggling to hold onto friendships that have run their course, and all that’s left is a lot of awkward moments and scanty conversations. And the more you try to make the relationship work, the more vulnerable you become…the more hurt you get. It is very taxing to be at a place that you do not belong.

Some of you reading this are in relationships that you well know are not right for you. Holding onto a man or woman who does not see your value, and in order to validate your self worth, you sell yourself short by pleading and begging them to stay with you, while make all sorts of excuses as to why you’re still holding on…

But this is not just about relationships you see, it could be a job that you’re struggling to maintain knowing that your time to move is long overdue. The signs are written on the wall, clear for all to see- so what are you afraid of?
Find the courage to walk away from things that have run their course in your life. Scary as it may be, it will be well worth your while. I can promise you that.  Say goodbye to the seasons that have ended and a big hello to new friendships, a new career, new love, new and endless possibilities. There is a blessing in your goodbye!

How many of us recognize when a season is over and yet want to extend it because we are in denial? Beloved, can’t you see? Your destiny often requires a working and reworking that will more often than not be uncomfortable and far from easy. But painful as it may be, you must accept the gift of goodbye. And when all is said and done you will find yourself lighter, happier, and free, almost like a load has been taken off of you. 🙂

NB: I borrowed this article from Kambua’s blog and she is the original author but I thought, why not borrow and post this here because I can only relate to it as much. It got me thinking, there is absolutely no reason to beat yourself up over something that has ran it’s course. I know, I know, it’s easier said than done. I’m guilty too of holding onto friendships and even relationships that I very well knew it’s time was up but didn’t want to accept the harsh reality of things. It’s about time you closed that chapter in your life and moved on to greater and more fulfilling possibilities. 🙂

I hope this inspired you and made you feel a little bit better. 🙂

PS: I wore this gown to the OLX SoMA Awards this year and isn’t it good news that almost 2 months down the line I can still fit in the dress? I’m thinking of cutting it short and creating something different from it. Let’s see how that goes. 😀 I’m also loving brass jewelry and thanks to Zuda Artz I can get the most affordable brass jewelry pieces in Nairobi. The reason I’ve become so fond of brass is because, with normal earrings my ear lobes tend to react and become so itchy. But thank the heavens for brass!

Thanks for reading. 🙂  Love & Light! ❤️❤️❤️

Outfit Details:

Gown designed by yours truly and brought to life by House Of Fatasha Ingrid ❤️

Make-up by Nzilani Kimani

Jewelry by the ever bubbly Zuda Artz. 

Photography by OJ

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  1. This is super awesome as usual Jojo,you never disappoint. Thanx for the insight and encouragemt.
    And girrrlllll!! si you are looking hot as always.Keep on shining hun.
    xoxo !

  2. Its never that easy but it’s easier said than done ; there’s something unique about people who hold on because they have belief that something better will come up . One has to have belief in humanity and always give out more and more everyday . Same way that the world doesnt owe us but we have to give back to it for the sake of humanity.

    Your attire is on point and ; Keep inspiring always. Light another’s candle-life is a never unending undulating cycle.

  3. That moment when i saw preachy post alert and was waiting that “”satan comes in many forms opening”” hehe ..
    Superb Inspiring stuff & marvelous shots,.. Kudos girl.. looking forward for the next one

  4. So inspiring and eye opening. Expect totally nothing in return. Be good to people for no reason at all. Beautiful photos too.

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