Home Away from Home!

When I first visited the Rock House Guest home, the first thing that blew me away was the serenity and quiet of the place. It’s one of the most magical places I have been to so far in Kenya that you can actually call home second to your home. It’s located in the suburbs of Hardy-Karen in a peaceful and less populated neighborhood. For those who love a little privacy, I think this is quite the ideal place for you.

Let’s talk architecture!  In line with their name, Rock House, it was modeled by a local artist/architect (who I already want to meet) to reflect our origins from the slopes of Mt Kenya and the owner’s passion for nature’s captivating sceneries. One thing about this place is you just want to capture each and every single corner! I literally couldn’t get enough of the pictures!  Oh My!

It’s quite the plan when you want to get away from the city with your family or a romantic evening with your loved one, or birthday celebrations, etc. The home is very comfortable and has clean and very spacious rooms with the most magical front patio I’ve ever seen and great pool area where you can sit and dine away.

So, park up and get away! 🙂


Location: Rock House, Karen, Guest House.

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