Glam: The Red Lippie Affair

Since I discovered Nakshi Nouba, my endless struggles to get a good matte lipstick we’re over. I’m a sucker for their matte lippies mainly because they last the whole day. To say the least, I think i’m quite lazy when it comes to re-applying lipstick after it’s shed off from maybe eating a whole chicken leg, or even just from drinking coffee.

I’d end up removing the entire lipstick and just applying Vaseline for the rest of the day and it’s a wrap for me; But after discovering the Nakshi Nouba lippie, I apply only once in the morning and it last the whole day even after eating! Which girl doesn’t want that? Then get a proper face-beat, and damn, your good to go! I’m currently obsessed with this lippie and majorly because of the shimmer effect and obviously because it’s a red lippie. Red Lippie’s are usually very striking and suit almost every skin tone.


Red Lippie: Nakshi Nouba, Millebaci 47

Make-Up Artist: Nzilani Kimani

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