I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or whatever. I happened to have uploaded this article on Tuesday but for some weird reason it completely vanished from my website a few days later! I was like nooooooo. I remember my friend asking me the other day, have you stopped blogging? I was like no, I actually uploaded a new post then whoop it’s not there! I must have missed on saving the article then went ahead and updated my blog. πŸ™ This also takes me back to yesterday. I happened to have a very successful meeting with one of my clients only for my machine to crash and the minutes taken deleted. Sema stress! Hah!Β 

Anyways, I can’t remember half the things I wrote in my previous article but truth is I’ve never been a fan of pink at all but I totally fell for this blush pink duster I purchased from Siri Studio. Isn’t it amazing how you can have wardrobe pieces that you can quickly switch up to something different? Like switching up this duster coat and wearing it as a dress? Amazebaallllssss… πŸ˜›

Last I checked, the duster coat comes in black and I think grey. Not sure if they have added any other colors and I might probably get one in black :P. To complete the outfit, I paired it with my pair of heels that I literally almost everyday. This added quite some sophistication and elegance to the whole outfit.

And it’s Friday!!! Yesss… Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for reading. Besos! πŸ˜›

Outfit Details:

Blush Pink Duster from Siri Studio

Heels/Sandals from Call It Spring

Glam by Nzilani Kimani

Photography by OJ

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