Live a life full of color, they said. I had a blast this past weekend with two of my friends at the Kenya Color Run that took place on Sunday at Uhuru gardens. The event involved lot’s of color, music, running and dancing despite looking a hot mess thereafter but this didn’t really come as surprise cause what do you expect from a mini holi festival? You know, when it comes to giving back to the community, I’m always sold. Messy or not. I’m down for it any day, any time. However, the main goal for this years run was to promote peace awareness in midst of this election year as we celebrate Kenya’s rich ethnic diversity.

I’ll give you a quick run through on what the run is all about, where it originates and probably get you umped for the next run when they announce the dates cause I’m looking forward to the next run too! I’ve been seeing guys asking Kenya Color run to take the event to the coast and I’m like “Pleeaaaseeeee do“. Have I ever mentioned I’ve been to the coast only once in my life? 😮 This was back in 2014. I spent nearly a month in Watamu trying to get over this boy who’d broken my poor young heart so bad. In-case you’re wondering if I got over him, well, it didn’t work then. Lol!  Anyway, I digress… 😀

So, what’s Kenya Color Run?

“The Color Run event originated in India as the “Holi Festival” and is today a global event that promotes health and wellness by bringing the community together to participate. The Kenya Colour Run is the country’s most creative 5k run! This unique run involves participants of all abilities and ages being doused from head to toe with colored powder while they sprint, jog or walk 5km route on a marked course. The Kenya Colour Run is entirely focused on FUN so there is no competitive atmosphere, no recorded times and no age restrictions, all that matters is that you enjoy yourself and finish covered in loads of color! You can be an Olympic athlete or someone entering a run for the first time in your life, it really doesn’t matter at all. The real winner on the day is the person who has the most fun!

Kenya Colour Run  have partnered with charities to help shine a light on their amazing work within society, and donate proceeds to the causes they stand for. Towards this, they partnered with Sports For Change which is a local charity organization that supports the education of bright but disadvantaged students from high school up to tertiary level.” You can read more  here.

The catch here for me was the fact that; 1) It wasn’t a competitive race cause I suck at this even after being such a good athlete back in primary school. Ha! What happened?  2) Running through color clouds…maannn this was fun but cleaning up definitely wasn’t. Oh, and did I mention how we never carried changing clothes? You can imagine how commuting all the way from Uhuru gardens was a nightmare but good news is, in Nairobi, nowadays, nobody is really bothered by what you are wearing or how you look. They will give you a glance and move on with their lives.

PS: This is a great event for kids. Kids would definitely enjoy the splash of color, dancing, giveaways and COTTON CANDYYYYY!

Well, that is it guys. I hope to see you in the next run and don’t forget to continue voting for me under the New Blogger category for this years OLX SoMA awards by sending my code 20A to 21195.

Thanks for reading.  Love&Light!  🙂

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  1. I wouldn’t mind this kind of fun for a good cause and yes pull along my tail Ivy. Sounds like a plan. Voting here religiously and for that boy who broke your heart, oh he lost! Good day.

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