There is no greater feeling than giving to meet the needs of someone else’s life. Not giving because of what you want in return or because of a sense of obligation, but freely giving your time, talents and treasures to be a blessing to someone else. It’s incredible how we managed to raise KSH80,000 in less than a month and honestly this really made my heart melt and couldn’t stop but think of how amazing and giving the CCS Kenya team is. Getting a  group of guys across every age group who have so much passion in changing lives is extremely commendable. 🙂

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Giving back is always in STYLE.


Howdy, howdy! I had such an amazing weekend as much as I literally feel like I could punch someone in the face right now, people can be so annoying. But that aside. I’m very much appreciative of the fact that I’m here today. I spent almost my whole Saturday at Imani Children’s home in Kayole, Matopeni and on my way a lot ran through my mind. I remember even at some point texting my sister and telling her, “Thank God for the life you’re living now“. Sometimes we get so caught in our day to day activities and forget to sit back and be appreciative of what we have and how far we’ve come.

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