There’s no denying that these pictures actually show that my body carried the baby very well apart from the morning sickness and high level emotions that weighed me down. However, today I choose to focus on the GLOW UP that came with the hormones. 😀  We can’t deny the glow up here, well of course with the help of a super facebeat thanks to John K and the healthy  hair!  Yes, I finally rocked MY real hair here. Good-bye extensions!  For the longest time, I really struggled to get my hair on track and healthy as well as getting rid of my very bad acne and there’s no denying that  these pregnancy hormones did a very commendable job with my hair and skin and a few other areas! 😀 If you’ve been a keen reader, you’ll notice I’ve featured this dress here before I think It looks way better and hotter on a pregnant woman!! 😀 I’ll let you be the judge.

I loved how the blue really popped here. It really gives you that sexy pregnant woman vibe without  being really on your face. It maintains that reserved, self-contained nature but at the same time makes you look really attractive. Another thing that I really loved overall about my pregnancy other than this outfit making me look sexy, is the fact that my boobs are “lit” than ever! Seriously!  I’ve naturally always been a small busted chic. Never really had cleavage in my life and basically depended on padded bras to add some umph to my chest area. As much as I’ve never been insecure with my rather small bust,  I’m currently loving and living for my boobs right now and not to forget how my chest area has become lighter!  You can be sure to spot me in outfits that accentuate my boobies more often from now on. I plan to enjoy this phase to the maximum.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, my facial skin had started to break out especially the fore-head area. I was obviously so annoyed and over the break-outs considering the fact that I’d really struggled with acne for the longest time possible before fully treating it. However, after my first trimester, my skin begun to change, I’m assuming It’s because the body had already adjusted to this foreign being? The breakouts became less visible and I was finally enjoying a healthy and glowing skin.  I also really enjoyed wearing makeup during this time but also wore it less thanks to being so exhausted and so lazy. During this phase, Dickinson’s toner really helped control my pimples and oily t-zone. It was such a lifesaver. Good thing about this toner is that, It’s very mild even used on babies so I’d definitely recommend you add it to your pregnancy skincare routine. It sure did work for me and had no side effects.

Another thing I really wondered about was whether I would continue to retouch my hair and actually get into the dryer. I’d been told so many times oh you can’t retouch your hair while pregnant, you can’t be in a dryer etc. I did retouch my hair and used the dryer a couple of times and to be honest nothing ever really happened to me or  baby Ace. If anything, taking care of my hair during this period really yielded some good results. It’s super full, bouncy, longer and definitely healthier!

And yes, for the first time in a very long time I found myself eating healthy. Finally! Part of me was glad that my pregnancy didn’t come with all the cravings for junk food, if anything it rejected  ​99.9%​ of all the take-out I got and therefore had to stick to making home cooked meals including  baking. I was incorporating more greens to my food, eating a healthier breakfast (sweet potatoes, nduma etc I couldn’t stomach sausages, bacon and brawns), I was only able to consume white meat ( kienyeji chicken) for the better part of my pregnancy until the third trimester where my body started to embrace red meat and all but in doses.  Your body goes through a lot aloootttt during this period and it kind of made me want to maintain even a healthier lifestyle after. Well, let’s see if this actually happens. 😀

Weight gain? By the time I was having baby, I was 70kgs. Basically added a little over 5 kgs throughout my entire pregnancy. However, during my first trimester I lost a huge amount of weight so this definitely contributed to the fact that I didn’t add that much weight. I was so worried for baby’s health everytime we went for the monthly scans and the doctor saying baby is okay and playing well was always music to my ears. As much as baby was doing well and healthy, my ObsGyn felt that I should supplement with fish oil to ensure baby is gaining weight gradually despite the morning sickness. By the time Ace was making his grand entry into the world, he weighed 2.99kgs also, he came a week past his due date via INDUCTION. Notice how induction is in bold? This will be another blog article for another day as I get over the whole process. Lol!

I’m really hoping to keep up and update you on our being every step of the way where and when I can. This happens to be one of those chapters in my life that is so magical that I can’t miss to document.

Thanks for reading. Xo! Love&Light!


Blue Maxi Dress: YourAfrican Closet

Makeup and Photography: John Kuria

Sandals: Woolworths

Hair: ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!! Lol! 😀
​ ​

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