Beneath The Rocks.

Happy Hump Day! In-case you haven’t read my previous post about Rock-House, be sure to find out more about the place here cause your swimming experience is about to change from normal pool diving to jumping off rock-cliffs without necessarily having to travel for miles for a different experience. Now shifting gears, we all have that one piece we feel can’t go with anything cause you bought it at impulse, received as a gift or other various reasons. This box top pictured below happens to be one of those items I have been keeping for a while now. I can’t quite remember what actually drew me to buying it but I guess it was the embellishments that are right over the shoulders or the color mainly because I don’t have as many greys in my wardrobe.

However, I think a box top is the easiest thing to style and the one piece that can completely change your outfit in a matter of seconds. For instance, you can easily get away with wearing a body-con dress (as seen below) twice a week by simply throwing over a box top to completely change your outfit! I’m usually very adamant about taking risks when it comes to paring my outfits and I always want to be as subtle as possible and not look dramatic and therefore went for the box top.

To achieve this look, I actually googled different ways to wear a box top and boom!! I came across this idea. It was so simple and so quick. Remember what they said about google being your best friend? Yes, trust me a Little Research goes a long way. To complete the look, a perfect location to bring out the details of the outfit was needed and Rock House was definitely a pass because of it’s rock-cut architecture and beautiful captivating scenaries that almost made me not want to leave the place!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

C,S&S2 C,S&S C,S&S3

What I wore:

Grey Embellished Box Top: Mr Price, South Africa

Red Body-con Dress: Vivo ActiveWear

T-bar Sandals: Mr Price, South Africa.

Earrings: A stall in town

Photography: Eric Gocho

Make-Up Artist: Nzilani Kimani

Location: Rock House, Hardy-Karen

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