When  I began blogging, I promised myself to incorporate African prints in my outfits as much as possible and this is turning out really well. This cape jacket is definitely everything! It’ll for obvious reason not curb you from the cold but it will for sure make a statement and you’ll get all the compliments in this world. Who doesn’t love compliments? At least I do as much as sometimes I find myself shying away. Weird!

Wait? Can you see the inner hem of the jeans? I can bet if I dared to move an inch I’d have probably ripped off my poor cute pair of jeans. That’s what happens when you shop online and end up getting a size way smaller than your actual size, but you are actually still very brave to wear the jeans and look pretty sexy as much us you literally can’t almost breathe. Too much for online shopping! Yikes! But thank heavens that now I know my actual size 🙂

I had underestimated the actual size of my hips on this one and by the way, this was the first pair of jeans I purchased from fashionova. I was so annoyed but still pretended to be so into this pair of jeans cause they cost me a whooping 39bucks and there was no way I was going to spend more money returning the item.  😮

This cape jacket is everyttthhhiiinnngggg!

I’ve come to love the idea of pairing a high waist jeans and a fitting bodysuit and considering the fact that I don’t have to wear with a belt is a WIN WIN for me cause I’ve never been a fan of belts. Also, for Obvious reasons, I’m excited the weekend is finally here, I need me some rest or maybe a massage date to the masseuse or something.

Enjoy your weekend & thanks for reading. Besos! 🙂

Outfit details:

Cape Jacket tailored by Mambo Pambo and Inspired by Nana Wax

Jeans & Choker from Fashionova

Heels from Debenhams, Brand Call It Spring

Glam by Nzilani Kimani

Photography By OJ

Bodysuit from Vivo

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